Sheena Rosser


Sheena moved into Ickenham when she married in 1973.

After a career as a freelance computer programmer, she first became involved in local photography in 1995 when she wrote and took the photos for a little “tourist guide” to Ickenham, and had it translated into French, German and later Spanish, so that visiting schools exchange children would be able to take something home to show their parents.

She then “got the bug” and took photos all round the Borough. The aim was always “local community” rather than local history, so although she has photos of the (more photogenic) old buildings, she also has taken picturesque scenes of woods and canals, along with pubs and other landmarks. She initially sold the photos as prints and cards, but subsequently in lineart form on teatowels, notelets, postcards, bags and mugs.

People may have seen some of them previously in libraries or shops, or at one of her occasional exhibitions, or when she had a stall within Flowerland Garden Centre at Iver Heath – or more recently when she had a mini shop in Uxbridge Pavilions, “Photos on Things”, from 2009 to 2015.

Officially she is now retired, and most of her output has been sold off or given away, but there are still
some ghosts surviving from this previous existence.

She co-founded Hillingdon Artists with Ickenham artist lan Watson in February 2005.





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