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I have just retired five years after state retirement age; I now hope to have more time to paint. A hobby/passion that I started only about ten years ago am not in any way accomplished in art, but it is a pastime that I love.

Dwell – The light from the Tabernacle      760 x 600 mm – Oil with painted acrylic frame

Art, Paint is life, this I think stands true for a Painting too, especially an abstract, it ebbs and flows between good and bad, you don’t know where it will take you. This was painted over two open mic nights, outside Morellos restaurant in Uxbridge in between performing poetry and singing.  Without light there is no colour, The light from the tabernacle, has to be beautiful, my painting is, Shechinah, (Hebrew) meaning the presence of God perhaps in us, in which case, would also be, where God dwells on earth.

Grey Lady Oast     Long mill Lane Crouch Kent             800 x 600 mm – Acrylic

Hop picking provided poor Londoners with a cheap holiday, for generations of the same families. Oast houses, their original purpose was to dry hops.  A kiln with a fan would blow the hot air through the hops to dry them, the white cowl, vents at the top, were to allow hot air to escape.  These are some of the most distinctive and beautiful buildings in Britain, particularly associated with Kent. Overgrown hedges are testament to its transformative state being converted into accommodation, but still spiritual, mysterious and magical, like the turrets of King Arthur’s Camelot.

The Water Tower     Beech in wood Lane Crouch Kent             600 x 400 mm – Acrylic

The things that we do in the places where we dwell, no matter for how long, will affect not just the area, but also the people in that area.  Any interactive relationship we form, will be transformative in one way or another, I hope in a good way.  The water Tower has Served the community for over two hundred years providing water to the surrounding area, now retired from that use, it now provides shelter to a family as a dwelling place.  It has a place, and is a unique and beautiful building.

Further Up Field     Long mill Lane Crouch Kent              600 x 450 mm – acrylic

Like the distant building in the background, centuries old, places like these have a history, a soul, a life of their own.  They are part of our psyche, we are evanescent, they dwell perhaps for centuries, and honour us to inhabit them.  Some are remote and hidden, no one can own them, through our gaze alone, they own us.  They dwell over an expanded time zone and connect us to our past, a tangible history. These are the places where we briefly shelter, buildings that are almost cojoined to the human soul.

All three of the triangles are physics and beautiful, a simple form after the dot and the line

Memento mori is self-explanatory

Abstract after a missing Turner, Southall Mill

Abstract after Ben Nicholson






I have just retired five years after state retirement age; I now hope to have more time to paint. A hobby/passion that I started only about ten years ago...

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