In 2003 I became a full-time ceramist and joined a number of pottery and arts and crafts organizations: Dacorum and Chilterns Potters Guild, West Forest Potters, London Potters, Hillingdon Artists, Eclectic Artists, Craft Potters Association, Society of Designer Craftsmen and The Oriental Ceramics Society for continuing education and awarenes. Demonstrations by numerous professional potters at events run by West Forest Potters and the Dacorum and Chilterns Potters Guild provides valuable practical advice.

My work is glaze fired to cone 12 (about 1300C) in a propane fuelled kiln. The placement of pots in the combustion gas flow and the patterns of temperature and oxygen level within the kiln cause variations in the glazed surface so they are monitored. The glaze surface is also affected by the composition of the clay, the glaze thickness and the extent to which elements in the clay diffuse into the glaze layer. Understanding and remembering what has affected the final appearance of a pot is aided by number-stamping the base of each pot, photographing it and maintaining a database detailing the glaze, clay, the firing conditions and the position of each pot in the kiln. The pots are also photographed in the kiln, shelf by shelf, to investigate the effects of the gas flow within the kiln. Linking the photographs with the database over a number of firings uncovers trends that are sources of ideas for subsequent firings. The database is critcial in digesting the results from several thousand pots made with 15 clays, around 50 glazes and fired in different kiln locations. This approach is an essential part of my creative process. I sell via craft markets, retail outlets, online and at joint shows with other potters and artists



West Forest Potters 2012, Bucks Potters 2014, Dacorum and Chilterns Potters Guild 2015. Lecture at The Art of Yixing wares Stevenson Lecture Theatre, British Museum April 2016



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Captions for ceramic images:

8778 Turquoise and red porcelain dish

8775  Blue porcelain dish

8766  Red porcelain bowl

8763  Red porcelain bowl with blue rim

8753  Blue green stoneware bowl

8748  Blue porcelain mug

8717  Red porcelain butter dish

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