About the Artist

Art is a third career for Felicia. She spent the first part of her working life as a fashion designer and business owner running her own clothing factory, and also as an educator. Working in those areas sparked her interest in creativity.

Felicia began experimenting with watercolour paintings in her early 20’s. But it wasn’t until she graduated as an Early Childhood Educator at Bellevue College in Washington State, that she again picked up painting to work with children and her full creative passion came into being.

Her paintings are influenced by various places, shapes and textures. She uses liquid paints because they often flow in unexpected ways that help to inspire and shape her creations.

Her work reflects a deep appreciation for nature and the interconnectedness of life. Hopefully that is reflected in her acrylic abstracts painting.

Felicia continues to build her businesses and reach optimum potential both as an artist and educator