HillingdonArtists is a new kind of arts organisation for visual artists in Hillingdon.

We are a group of visual artists founded in 2005, who all live or work in the London Borough of Hillingdon and are actively involved in the arts, professionally or voluntarily. Our members are involved in all areas of the visual arts, so not just painting, but also e.g. ceramics and woodwork.

We do not meet at regular times like other art societies, so joining us does not prevent you from also belonging to “normal” societies, which meet once a week or once a fortnight for communal art-making or demonstrations, and several of our members do indeed belong to one or more of such societies.

Our members are engaged all the time in various exhibitions, locally or elsewhere. The group puts on its own exhibitions several times a year in the local area, when a few of us will come together to show our work. We try to support each other and promote each other’s work.

We charge a £10 joining fee, which covers inclusion on our website, with links to your own site or social media, and group public liability insurance when exhibiting with us.

Our main platform for showcasing our work is on-line, via our website and social media. In addition, many of the individual artists have their own websites, and we provide links to all of those.

We opened a pop-up gallery in the Pavilions shopping centre in Uxbridge at the beginning of December 2021. We may be moved round within the Pavilions as shops become vacant or are leased, but currently we are beside The Works in Mercer Walk, which is the aisle which runs from the back of Marks & Spencer to Primark.

We have been inundated with requests to exhibit in this gallery, and we have a waiting list. It is imperative that members are able to steward if they exhibit with us, typically for 2 sessions per week of approximately 3 hours per session. For more details and images please click here.